Flowers for our precious pollinators and
creating homes for other important garden wildlife


Bee Friends™ Products

There are so many benefits to attracting wildlife into your garden. Apart from saving the decline of our native species, garden wildlife also acts as a natural pest control, preventing the need to spray harmful chemicals all over your garden. If you grow fruit and vegetables, you'll need the help of bees to pollinate many of your crops.

Contrary to popular belief wildlife gardens needn't be messy! Well-maintained hedges and shrubs are perfect for nesting birds and insects, and a flowing herbaceous border will attract all sorts of beneficial insects to your garden. You could even create a container garden for wildlife with some of the plants listed below!

Planting a wildlife garden couldn't be easier; read our gardening section for more ideas.

We have a full range of seeds and will be expanding our ranges in 2016 to include bird houses, bat roosts, insect hotels and butterfly nest boxes so watch this space.

Helpful Icons

All pakaging in the Bee Friends™ range is clearly labeled with different wildlife icons so that you can design your garden to create a more diverse environment for your favourite garden visitors. Who do you want to see visiting your garden?

Spring Products

Our complete spring range includes...

  • Individual Bulb varieties
  • Bulb Shakers
  • Spring Grow Gifts

The complete spring range will be in stores
from September 2016 so keep your eyes open.

Summer Products

Our complete summer range includes...