Flowers for our precious pollinators and
creating homes for other important garden wildlife


Gardening For Birds

Birds require food, cover and nesting sites to survive. Careful choice of plants and provision of other features such as ponds and feeders, will help you create a haven for wildlife in your garden.

The more varied you can make your garden, the better it will be for wildlife. Inclusion of shrubs, a hedge, climbers, and trees will create habitats to suit many different birds. Herbaceous plants and a lawn are other valuable features.


All sorts of factors, including what season it is, changes in the weather and the abundance of nuts and seeds in the countryside can all have a big effect on what birds are coming to your garden.

To learn more about birds and how you can help them, visit the RSPB website.

Our Products

We offer a complete range of seed shakers which will attract insects for birds. If left untill the end of the season, the plants will go to seed, giving the birds a nutritious treat as the summer comes to an end.

In August 2016, we are launching our new range of bird houses, feeders and nesting balls, just in time for the cold weather to set in.

Here are our recommended products to attract birds into your garden and help sustain them throughout the summer.

Recommended Products To Attract Birds

This seasons products for attracting birds are.....