Flowers for our precious pollinators and
creating homes for other important garden wildlife


Gardening For Bats

Many people enjoy spending long summer evenings sitting in their gardens, watching as daylight turns to dusk and bats begin to fill the night sky.

These small and fascinating creatures often live in close proximity to us, using our gardens as an important source of food, water and shelter. As their natural habitats become more scarce, our gardens are playing a more important role in securing a future for bats.

Bats are a sign of a green and healthy environment, so creating a garden that's good for bats will also be good for people.

The Bat Conservation Trust

Many people are unaware that over 500 plant species rely on bats to pollinate their flowers, including species of mango, banana, cocoa, durian, guava and agave (used to make tequila). So, next time you eat some chocolate, say thanks to the bats!

To learn more about bats and how you can help them, visit
The Bat Conservation website.

Top Tips To Turn Your Garden Into A Bat Haven

  • Plant night-scented flowers
  • Build a pond
  • Let your garden go a little wild
  • Put up a bat nesting box
  • Create linear features i.e. hedgerows/tree lines
  • We have a selection of seed mixtures tailored to attract bats to your garden. We also have new products including a new bat nesting box which will be released in our August 2016 range so keep a look out for them.

Recommended Products To Attract Bats

This seasons products for attracting bats are.....