Flowers for our precious pollinators and
creating homes for other important garden wildlife


About Bee Friends™

Bee Friends™ is an ethical garden range, designed and created not only to encourage wildlife into our gardens but also to help create sustainable living environments for visiting wildlife throughout the year.

Anyone with a garden can make a difference for wildlife. Simple steps like not using pesticides and choosing certain types of plant will mean more butterflies and bees. Maybe you would like to create an area to benefit wildlife such as a pond, hedge or meadow. Whatever you would like to do, the Bee Friends™ range can help, whatever your level of gardening and the space you have available.

By planting specific plants and flowers you will attract numerous beneficial insects such as ladybirds, slugs and snails. Although most gardeners would rather not have these, there is no escape from them! They are not all bad, either. Slugs and snails provide food for birds and help to break down decaying vegetation. Ladybirds are the most well-known and most loved beetles in our gardens. They feed off aphids and mites which can be real pests throughout the summer season.

Helpful Icons

All pakaging in the Bee Friends™ range is clearly labeled with different wildlife icons so that you can design your garden to create a more diverse environment for your favourite garden visitors. Who do you want to see visiting your garden?

Our Products

Each of our products has been researched and created to target specific wildlife species. We have used varieties recommended by multiple wildlife charities such as the Butterfly Conservation, the Bat Conservation Trust and The RHS to create a range which will not only attract wildlife to your garden, but which will help sustain natural and healthy habitats where they will be able to feed, hibernate and nest, enabling you to create your own wildlife oasis for your chosen visitors.

The summer range is now available and includes.....

  • Seed multipacks which contain seeds from specially chosen flower varieties which will not only look great in borders and beds but will benefit bees, butterflies, birds and bats.
  • Seed shakers which will fill those bare spaces in your garden or produce fantastic wildlife meadows just crawling with wildlife.
  • Seed mats which really are a novice gardeners dream product. Simply cut the mats to size to fit your pots, borders or beds then cover and water. Its that simple!
  • Grab a grub is the newest product to the market. A completely natural and organic spray that creates a sticky coating on your plants, fruit and vegetables. This protects them against aphids and mites and even mildew. This product is so natural you could drink it (however we wouldn't recommend it, yuk!).